Blue Moon Yoga

Monday afternoon class at RMCAD (Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design) has recommenced as of Sept 15. Class is from 4.15 – 5.15pm and  will be held in the EPiC building in Room 201.  (Click here for campus map) .The class is free to RMCAD students / faculty.  Others,  just use  your class card  or pay drop-in rate! 

Tuesday evening class  at St Paul’s Church will recommences on  Sept 23. Class is from 6 – 7pm. Thanks to those who gave me feedback and preferences. In the end, it seemed best to return to the 6pm time as it fits best with the church’s schedule and allows for  travel time for folks coming from work. Looking forward to seeing some of the old Tuesday evening crowd once again!  A calendar of events at St. Paul’s Episcopal, including yoga times, is here. 

Thai Yoga Massage - Did you know that I have been a licensed and insured massage therapist for 15 years? True story – and recently I decided to do some continuing education in ‘Thai Yoga massage’. In Thailand, it is often referred to as ‘Lazy Man’s Yoga’ because the focus is on assisted progressive stretching and the recipient of the massage is fully clothed. Acupressure along the  body’s energy channels  (called nadis in Auryvedic medicine)  and Reflexology points on the feet , hands and ears are also accessed. No oils are used and the massage can be done either on the floor (traditionally) or on a massage table. For those of us accustomed to Western styles of massage it is hard to imagine but it is amazingly effective!  As I’m still a bit new to Thai and wanting to practice, I am offering a current discount price of $25 for a 1 hour Thai massage! Contact me via email, phone or text to discuss an appointment time. 

Yoga retreat,  coming up~! Denise and I are exploring affordable  nearby venues that would include hot springs, restaurants and hiking.  We envision a weekend getaway that would start Friday evening and return on a Sunday afternoon. Interested??? Let me know and I will keep you informed! In the longer term, we are also researching overseas venues like Iceland or Costa Rica (how’s that for contrast?!)


The dharma talk -The Yamas, are the ‘first step’ in the great ‘Eight-fold Path’ of yoga,  as laid out by yoga’s  great sage, Pantajali over 2000 years ago. The Yamas consist of five principles of how to relate to others in order to live a good life and create a positive society. ‘Brahmacharya’ is the 4th principle and is sometimes translated as  ’celibacy’. This was probably the result of, historically, yoga being taught mainly to young males but Brahmacharya is  now more thought of as moderation and avoiding addiction to sensual pleasures, whether it be sex, food, drugs, nicotine, caffeine or even your favorite video game. Why? Because addiction to physical pleasures creates ‘mindlessness’, lack of self control and distracts from the path of yoga, whose aim it is to create awareness and connection between mind, body and spirit. How does this show up in your life? What could you ‘never give up’? Try giving that up or ‘moderating’ it for 3 days and watch what happens!

About Blue Moon Yoga ~ Blue Moon Yoga is a friendly, neighborhood yoga studio where you will enjoy personal attention and recognition. Classes are small to medium sized to allow for personal attention. You will not be lost in the crowd wondering what to do and will enjoy personal contact with the teacher and other students.

Classes are taught in a traditional style that is slow to moderate in pace with the room at a comfortable temperature, making Blue Moon classes particularly suitable for beginners and people of all abilities. Particular attention is given to breathing and relaxation, placement of the feet, hands, and pelvis as well as the alignment of the spine, arms and hands. Instructors draw on a variety of yoga styles including Iyengar, Anusara and Ashtanga yoga.

At Blue Moon Yoga classes are small so individual, personalized instructions is always possible. Poses are adapted to your ability and your goals and limitations are respected. All level of practitioners are welcome – beginners, intermediate and advanced.